What is a 144Hz monitor?

144Hz refresh rate in a monitor basically refers to that the monitor refreshes a particular image 144 times per second before throwing that frame in the display. Here Hertz represents the unit of frequency in the monitor. In simple terms, it refers to how many frames per second a display can offer which depicts the maximum fps you will get on that monitor.

However, a 144Hz monitor with a reasonable GPU won’t be able to provide you 144Hz refresh rate because they can’t render a high amount of frames per second. A powerful GPU is required with a 144Hz monitor which will be able to handle high frames rate and show the exact quality.

You should remember the quality of the output depends upon the source fed to the monitor and you won’t find any difference if the frame rate of the video is less. However, when you feed high frame videos to your monitor, it will easily handle it and will treat you with silky smooth visuals.

A 144Hz monitor cuts the frame stuttering, ghosting, and motion blur issue in the game and movie visuals by introducing more frames during the transition. Primarily they quickly generate frames and lower the delay between two frames which ultimately leads to excellent gameplay with silky visuals.

However, you will face screen tearing when you play 240fps videos on a 144Hz refresh rate because the screen will fail to handle the fast frame production rate. But capping that video at 144fps will offer you a smooth visual, but you won’t get the quality of 240fps.

It is always good to have a 144Hz monitor because it widens up your horizon and fluidity of the frames. Nowadays 144Hz monitors are also assisted by G-Sync and AMD FreeSync technology which is helping them to offer a consistent frame rate and eliminate any kind of screen tearing.

But does it makes a difference while playing videos? Yes, it makes a lot of difference as it offers lucid video quality by curbing down screen flickering and offering the original frame rate. When you will compare a high frame rate video on a 60hz and 144hz monitor, you will find the difference in the fluidness because the refresh doesn’t improve the quality. A 144Hz refresh rate monitor comes in much handier to competitive gamers than ordinary people because they will find a lot of improvement in their game-play.