What are the advantages of Type C monitors?

  1. Charge your laptop, tablet and mobile phone


  1. Provide a USB-A expansion interface for the notebook. Now many notebooks lack or have no USB-A interface at all. After the Type C display is connected to the notebook through the Type C cable, the USB-A on the display can be used for the notebook.


  1. Charging, data transmission, video signal transmission, and USB expansion can be achieved simultaneously with one line (the monitor needs to have a USB interface). That is to say, after the thin and light notebook is connected to the display through the Type C cable, there is no need to plug in the power cable and expand the tungsten.


  1. Now most of the thin and light notebooks have at least one full-featured Type C interface, and also write a full-featured Type C built-in DP1.4. If you connect a notebook through this interface, you can output 4K144Hz images, while the traditional HDMI 2.0 interface can only output 4K60Hz . The DP cable itself does not distinguish the version, DP 1.2 or DP 1.4 actually sees the output of the computer and the input of the monitor