UltraWide vs. Dual Monitors For Gaming

Gaming on a dual monitor setup is not recommended because you’d have a crosshair or your character right where the monitor bezels meet; unless you plan on using one monitor for gaming and the other for web-surfing, chatting, etc.

In this case, a triple-monitor setup makes more sense, since you can put one monitor on your left, one on your right, and one in the center, thus increasing your field of view, which is a particularly popular setup for racing games.

On the other hand, an ultrawide gaming monitor will provide you with a more seamless and immersive gaming experience without any bezels and gaps; it’s also a cheaper and simpler option.


There are a few things you should keep in mind about gaming on an ultrawide display.First of all, not all games support the 21:9 aspect ratio, which results in either a stretched-out picture or black borders at the sides of the screen.You can check a list of all games that support ultrawide resolutions here.

Also, because ultrawide monitors offer a wider field of view in video games, you get a slight advantage over other players as you can spot the enemies from the left or right more quickly and have a better view of the map in RTS games.

That’s why some competitive games such as StarCraft II and Valorant limit the aspect ratio to 16:9. So, make sure to check out whether your favorite games support 21:9.