Level up your gaming skills with a widescreen monitor

One benefit of widescreen monitors not yet mentioned: ultra-enhanced video game play. As serious gamers may know, this benefit deserves a category all of its own. Widescreen monitors allow you to become more aware of your surroundings and fend off enemies by expanding your field of view (FOV).

Revel in the exquisite details that game creators added for extra flare, and take advantage of the extra image data by exploring more of the digital world than ever before.

FOV can mean the difference between life or death in many survival games. Imagine you’re in a haunted house and are only allowed to look straight in front of you.

The zombies and ghouls lurking on the edges of the room can easily sneak up on you on a 4:3 ratio, but if could see a little more down the sides of the corridor, it’s much less likely that these game-ending creatures will have the upper hand.

For those who like to stream games and chat with online opponents, a widescreen gaming monitor makes all the difference..