How Important is Your Monitor’s Response Time?

The response time of your monitor can make a whole lot of visual difference, especially when you have a lot of action or activity going on on the screen. It ensures the individual pixels project themselves in a way that guarantees the best performances.

Further, the response time is a measure of how quickly a pixel can display a change from multiple colors. For instance, with more shades of gray, you can have an intense view or feel of any other color on your monitor via a filter. If the gray is darker, less light will go through the particular color filter

Response times are often given in milliseconds. The response time on a standard 60Hz monitor will stay on your screen for just below seventeen milliseconds. A 5ms response time beats this and avoids ghosting. This is a term used when a response time lasts longer than necessary. You’ll see remains of trails from a moving object within the game being played.

With the pixels taking too long to switch between shades of gray, it becomes more visible. If all you do with your computer is browse, this shouldn’t be a big deal.

However, heavy programs and games will definitely require more from your monitor. Poor response times while gaming will lead to avoidable distractions and visual artifacts across your screen. This will happen even with a 1ms delay monitor with a low response time.


For the best gaming monitor or one that serves a couple of heavy uses, you’d want three things: a low response time, a quality refresh rate, and very little input lag. For these reasons, a good gaming monitor will possess a 1ms response rate for better image quality. This also goes for input and lag time.

This is not to say that some balanced monitors don’t come with 5ms. In fact, there are many out there which also have quality refresh rates. Don’t forget other aspects, though, like high-end graphics cards, screen resolution, and viewing angles.

In addition, a G-sync or FreeSync monitor will make a lot of sense for a regular gamer to have. Coupled with a 1ms featured, you won’t feel the need to hold back on the type of games or programs you run. You’ll get a lot of joy playing with awesome visual content and images.