Best USB-C monitors that can charge your laptop

With USB-C fast becoming the standard port of sorts, the best USB-C monitors have secured their place in the computing world. These modern displays are vital tools, and not just for laptop and Ultrabook users who are limited by what their portables offer in terms of connectivity. 

USB-C ports are capable of transmitting larger data files at much faster transfer speeds than their predecessors. They are, therefore, able to transfer video, data, and power more efficiently over a single cable. That makes them – and consequently, USB-C monitors – more reliable, more efficient, and more versatile than other connectivity options. That makes the best USB-C monitors a boon to all folks, even casual users looking for a more minimalist setup. 

While you don’t have to be an Ultrabook owner or a creative professional to have one, you do need to keep in mind a few things when purchasing the best USB-C monitor for you. Take a look at picture quality, feature set, price, and other connectivity options on offer. Also think about what image resolution, colour support, refresh rate, response time, and panel size would best serve your needs.